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Refreshing the world’s most expensive trainers

When Michael came in and told us he was setting up a trainer-cleaning business, we raised an eyebrow. A trainer-cleaning business. Really?

But the more he told us about it, the more we were convinced he might be on to something. And we soon set about building a visual identity and website to boot. His business has never looked back. He now cleans hundreds of pairs of trainers a week, we’ve helped him design the interior of his first store and he’s already discussing franchise opportunities.

From the first workshop with Michael, we knew that this was going to be something special. After 3 months of brand development and intense meetings we finally came up with a brand name and supporting mark.

The “Holy Grail” as its known in the sneaker world is when you find that coveted pair. And with the typical clientele bringing in premium names from Valentino to Balenciaga, these are coveted items. In addition to the custom typeface we developed the ‘four loop’ logo, inspired by shoe lace eyelets. Michael and his business is continuing to grow.

“Black & Ginger go above and beyond to help. I couldn’t ask for anymore with the service they offer.”

Michael Achilleos, Owner

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