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When Michael came in and told us he was setting up a trainer-cleaning business, we raised an eyebrow. A trainer-cleaning business?

From the first workshop with Michael, we knew that this was going to be something special and after several months of brand development we finally came up with a name and supporting mark.
‘Grael’ (the ‘Holy Grail’ as its known in the sneaker world) is when you find that coveted pair.

“Black & Ginger go above and beyond to help. I couldn’t have ask for anymore.”

Michael Achilleos, Owner

It would have been easy to create something forgettable, but understanding where the brand needed to fit in the market and who we were appealing to was a huge part of our design process. 
From the public to celebrities such as Jodie Comer, to world class football players, DJ’s and more, Michael and his team now clean hundreds of pairs of trainers a week for sneaker enthusiasts all over.

Grael Liverpool
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