A Brand Narrative for Liverpool

In 2020 we were presented with one of our biggest challenges to date, by some of Liverpool’s most important leaders. The question we needed to answer was complex… Our response was enlightening.

Whatever you live for…
For history. For music. For culture. For art.
For using your head or for trusting your heart. For Reds, Blues or Rovers. For Vikings or Saints. For hustle and bustle. For villages quaint.
For regeneration. For bold innovation.
For science. For knowledge. For endless creation. For big investments. For brilliant ideas.
For business success. For conquering fears. For happy and healthy. For increasingly wealthy. For a day at the docks. For a Liver Bird selfie. For being with mates. For sticking together.
For taking your chances. For never say never. Love the life.

This is Liverpool.

Black and Ginger strategy meeting

Jon Humphries & Alex Frech

Mashed between footballing successes, the Beatles, and often controversial news headlines, Liverpool’s brand image was confusing and out dated.
Our mission was simple. Could we create a vision and set of beliefs that could unify everyone? Could we create something honest and true, that people could see themselves and believe in?
Over an intense 12 months it was our quest to find out. What we discovered would change us forever.
black and ginger client logos
Partnering with an experienced stakeholder team including Unilever, Peel Ports, Marketing Liverpool, leading businesses and regional heads, we undertook the complex task of unravelling this dynamic question.

With so many voices, was a singular narrative even possible?
We though it was.

Liverpool city region brand narrative
Being from Liverpool and running a studio over the last 20 years we knew that Liverpool had changed, but how could this be defined?
Now culturally rich with some of the largest events, maturing industries and a thriving food and tourism scene, who and what was the new Liverpool? And how could we distil this into a way that can be both usable and own able for everyone.

Following 12 months of interviews and research, the brand narrative began to form and take shape, with some surprising finds along the way.

OUR values

Distilling a city region into one definitive proposition was unrealistic. There are far too many dimensions to cover for this to hold water. Instead of one meaningless strapline, we categorised our values into five core salient themes.






Each theme can be unpacked, explored and applied to any industry or proposition.
'Dare to Dream'

dare to dream

Creativity is an essential part of our City Region’s growth. Culture has fuelled our renaissance and is now woven into the fabric of our identity. It celebrates our past, defines our present and shapes our future.

It brings people together, motivates and inspires. In Liverpool we march to a beat of our own drum, always looking for new and exciting ideas to share with the world.

We work on large and small canvases, from grassroots to global stage using the power of imagination to transform lives.

We imagine. We believe. We achieve.


We have never been shy to voice our opinions. Strong minded and principled, there is a belief in justice, fairness and equity that prevails here. A long and proud history of wealth-creating entrepreneurialism, social responsibility and disruptive activism has left a lasting legacy in the economy of our City Region. Prominent philanthropists, activists and social reformers have helped define our unique history, pioneering the development of social movements and successful educational and commercial organisations.

Taking a stand gives purpose and direction.

'Take a Stand'
'Come Together'

come together

Community spirit has always been strong in our City Region. Our welcoming nature helps us form long lasting allegiances and friendships with others. We look out for one another.
We collaborate with passion, common purpose, determination and belief to make extraordinary things happen. From small scale co-operative to innovation ecosystems, our city region demonstrates that when like-minded
people come together they can move mountains.

live, learn & prosper

Great places attract great talent. The cosmopolitan life and youthful energy of Liverpool charms and inspires curious, adventurous and ambitious minds from all over the world. Four world class universities sit at the heart of our city region providing them with knowledge, skills, and experiences for future success. Our education institutions play a leading role in the progress and success of the Liverpool City Region by investing in people, facilities, innovation and quality of place.
'Live, Learn and Prosper'
'Think Forward'

think forward

Throughout history Liverpool City Region has been a place where firsts happen. It’s a place that has pioneered many new ideas across architecture, engineering, culture and social reform. We understand that a rapidly changing society needs fresh thinking and innovative solutions. Today the region is a hot bed of new innovations tackling modern day problems. From vaccine development, biotech, glass to material science, light weight vehicles and low carbon energy, we are investing in the technology and know-how to deliver the innovation that the world will need tomorrow.

Delivering the brand narrative to the city.

An audience of over 200 deligates are presented the brand narrative by Mayor Steve Rothram.

A career highlight for Black & Ginger and all the partners involved in delivering this complex piece of work, the Liverpool City Region brand narrative was finally presented to the City on holy turf (if you are a red), at Anfield Football Stadium.

Teaming up with some of the best leading examples of the new Liverpool, the event covered our five pillars, engaging with minds young and old.

The event was topped off by supporting words by then CEO of LFC Peter Moore. Once a local lad from inner city Liverpool who had cut his teeth in the US and had now returned to see his beloved club return to glory (Champions League cup to left).

Liverpool city region brand narrative

Download the Liverpool Brand Narrative.

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