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A new concept in the Truffle and gifting industry launched across the United Emirates.

This brand is all about personality, brimming with fun and creativity. We produced brand identity, packaging and web design for this quirky lovable truffle family. 

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“We would like 50’s charm, humour, a British feel and a French truffles twist.” said Martin. “Okay ” we said, lets see what we can do”.

Creating a delightful brand  world for the truffleers.

This heritage feeling brand would be a play on the senses being both charming and familiar.
Having worked closely with brand founder Martin for many years, we were delighted when he asked us to get involved, however this was new in so many ways. Fun and high end? That’s a challenging brief but one we were confident we could pull off.
What we delivered was not only a brand, but a world, a world in which The Truffleers would inhabit and make their own.
“This heritage feeling brand would be a play on the senses being both charming and familiar.”
In addition to the original range we also helped Martin develop a new cookie offering, with bespoke flavours such as Candied Orange Peel and Salted Butter Caramel flavour.
Nom, nom!
Trufflers animated character
Truffelers character designs for animation

sweet perfection.

In-store and online promotional suite.
Truffelers character woman is waving and smiling
Truffelers event stall design

Kiosk display

Truffelers bar design

In Store display

Truffelers website design
Taking inspiration from nostalgic animated classics but bringing them into the 21st Century, this heritage feeling brand would be a play on the senses; both charming and familiar. Working with a team of fine illustrators and animators we delivered a suite of charming characters which can be seen across The Truffleers landscape; from packaging to POS and now store design.
Trufflers bar design sketches
Trufflers animated character
Truffelers branded packaging design
Truffelers character man is waving and smiling

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