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WANT social media performance? then wow.

Launched in the UAE. WOW provides Social services delivered with a youthful twist.

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a world of wow!

The word Wow is an exclamation of everything good in life. It’s pleasure, wonder, and astonishment.
At a time when social media is king and anybody and everybody can upload a post to Instagram, it was key to make this brand stand out in a sea of mediocre content. The word ‘Wow’ is an exclamation of everything good in life. It’s pleasure, wonder, and astonishment. The overarching brand idea had to visually express these feelings through the brand identity, as well as convey the idea of quality and high production which WOW Social is now well-known for.
Wow social branding


“Black & Ginger never fail to deliver anything short of excellent, creative work. Would highly recommend.”


wowed to perfection.

In-store and online promotional suite.
Wow social branding
Wow social branding
A key insight to the project was that the brand had to target a massive range of potential clients in a world where almost all brands now use social media. Our approach was to produce an identity which was adaptable for different sectors; a flexible device which could house various content in an interesting and striking way. Throughout the identity, the brand mark merges with content in a fun and engaging way, framing circular imagery to spell out ‘WOW’.
Execution of the brand has ranged from online to print collateral, all the way to 4 foot rubber rings hanging from the office walls – a larger than life identity that can be applied in endless ways (so long as there are things in the world that are circular!) Most importantly we’ve provided WOW Social with a sense of individuality and distinction in a very competitive market.
Wow social branding
Wow social branding
WOW Social has grown larger than Martin could ever have imagined, becoming a premium agency with a client list that includes many global brands that they didn’t first expect. Clients range from Automotive heavyweights like Nissan, Renault and Ducati through to massive beauty brands like Estee Lauder, Mac Cosmetics and Origins.
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