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Performance is everything.

After only 18 months of trading, Flow had already gone global. New to its category and with competition increasing, Flow was after a strategy that would help underpin their business and eventually inspire their new customer facing brand.


Brand Strategy & Vision, Brand identity & Brand Guidelines
A global rebrand. From brand strategy to identity and beyond

The 100m world record holder is Usain Bolt, with a time of 9.58 seconds. Asafa Powell came second at 9.735. In sports milliseconds count. Flow helps athletes train harder and recover faster.

“The guys really helped us dig deep to discover who we really are and what our brand meant to us”.

CEO & Founder – James Morrison Steward

This dynamic creative explores the high energy and motion captured from track and field. Interpreting these graphics in a new and sophisticated way we can move the brand forward but still keep it rooted in its core values.


The Flow team create science led, technology solutions to help recovery, but also to help people feel good about themselves. Every punch, jump and stretch, they are with customers every step of the way. 
Photography uses natural light to detail shapes and angles the athlete creates while exercising. 
For social media, the brand took a new direction with a broader colour palette and pattern treatment. Combined with a motivational tone of voice, this digital campaign is tight, considered and talks to Flows customers in a language that feels supportive and reflective.
For font choice we chose Athletics due to its stretched and elongated characteristics.

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