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The LYVA Labs partnership and fund was launched with a fund of £10.5m to challenge the norm of innovation; pairing commerce with some of the greatest life scientific, problem solving minds of our day.


Brand Strategy & Vision, Brand identity & Brand Guidelines

LYVA Labs is the only sector specific, support and investment program that is designed to help small businesses and independent innovators flourish by providing the right tools and investment to increase performance.

“By establishing ourselves as a hotbed of innovation, we’ll be able to attract many more high-skilled, well-paid jobs, businesses and opportunities from around the world.”

Metro Mayor – Steve Rotheram

With organisations of scientific excellence dotted all around the City Region, such as Daresbury, Sensor City, Unilever and the Universities, to name a few, Liverpool is already a hub of innovation, delivering life changing solutions on a global scale.
The brand is built on an isometric grid, forms the letters LYVA. The letters are used as a device for the brand, while also working along side a simple background structure. The vibrant pink was chosen to represent both energy, ambition and movement, while the black represents somber, focussed and professional.
The colour palette can be dialled up or down depending on the context. When a bolder, more energetic palette is required, we can inject more of the pink shades into the designs.
As well as building patterns, the shapes can also be used to house photography to help bring the concept to life.

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