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Southport and Formby Health

Caring for the community

Southport and Formby Health are a proud GP owned organisation created to provide healthcare in the area, however the brand looked tired and in need of some serious CPR.

We worked closely with the organisation to bring this brand back to life, creating a much needed sense of place and purpose.

Brand Strategy & Vision, Branding, Photography & Brand Guidelines

“I’m just going through the guidelines now, they look amazing”.

Communications and Engagement Officer – Amy Claridge
Southport and Formby Health had an existing logo however but felt dated, with little thought about the overarching brand, mission or values.

Working closely with the Southport and Formby leadership team through extensive brand workshops, we helped unpack the organisation’s DNA and discover why this close knit community was so special.

The resulting concept puts honesty and integrity and the heart of this creative, with an emphasis on locality and patients.
To do this brand justice, our approach needed to be true, simple and easy to work across various locations, demographics, ages and abilities.
Photography for the brand was also important as the organisation felt that previous photography had either felt too stock or too basic.

Working with a local photographer we ensured that what we captured created both a sense of place put also of the people too.

Equipt with thir new brand guidelines and brand assets Southport and Formby Health have maintated a cohesive brand look across their events, social platforms and promotional material.
Southport and Formby Health Brand Collateral at an event
Southport and Formby Health Brand Collateral at an event
Southport and Formby Health Brand Collateral at an event

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